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If you’ve always wanted to join a fan site dedicated to Gigi Hadid, now is your chance. We are opening spots in our team! But, remember that our  website that is made from fans to fans, in voluntary work, therefore, there will be no remuneration. Below are the spots we are opening and the forms that need to be filled.

Function: Search and post news on the website.
Requirements: Know how to read/write in English (intermediate level); Basic knowledge of HTML and use of WordPress; Know how to edit images, to create images for the post;
NOTE: If you are not familiar with WordPress, we’ll teach you.

Gallery Manager:
Function: Update our photo gallery with HQ photos of Gigi.
Requirements: Have free time to search for high quality photos, photo shoots and more. Basic knowledge of Coppermine.
NOTE: If you are not familiar with Coppermine, we’ll teach you.

If you are interested in applying for one of these spots, send us an email to dailygigih@hotmail.com with the subject “GHORG TEAM” with the following data below. Then, just wait for our contact back.

Full name:


Free time:

Knowledge of English (basic, medium, fluent):

Desired position(s):

Have you ever been or are part of a fan site? If so, which one?

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Hi guys! Just wanted to drop by and give you little updates about the site. I know I haven’t been updating as much as everyone would like but I’m getting back on track and will be updating the gallery in these next few weeks with all new stuff and also will bring you guys a new look to the site. Hope you’re all doing well in this difficult times. I’m so sorry again for the lack of updates but be aware for new content 🙂

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