Welcome to Gigi-Hadid.Org your #1 fansite for the beautiful and talented Gigi. Gigi, is an American fashion model and TV personality. She was named one of 12 rookies in Sports Illustrated annual issue in 2011, she was the face of Guess, and is currently a Maybelline brand ambassador. Please browse the site for more info and visit our image gallery. We will continue to bring you daily Gigi updates! Please email us if you have something to add to Gigi-Hadid.Org.
Site Information

Name: Gigi-Hadid.Org
Opened: January 2015
By: Jess
URL: http://www.gigi-hadid.org

Who started this site?
Jessica, a girl from England. I live with my boyfriend and two cats in a small seaside town.

I actually first saw Gigi on TRHOOC when she appeared in a few episodes with her mom Yolanda (who I love!) I thought Gigi seemed such a down to earth, genuine young lady – who was extremely beautiful and when I watched the episode of her shooting for the Santa Barbra Magazine, I thought, yes, shes going to be huge! So since then I kept an eye on her publicity and eventually decided she, and her fans, deserve a fansite to follow her projects etc. I also love her style too, so its a way for me to (try to) keep fashionable… 🙂

How much time does it take to manage?
Every morning I’ll do a little search for news on Gigi, if I find something I post it. So not long, about half an hour every couple of days.

Do you have any other fansites?
Yes, I have a few. Head over to my collective here to view my others.

Do you need any help?
Sure! I always need help managing fansites, if you have any clippings, scans, screencaps or general info on Gigi please let us know. If you are interested in becoming a co-web also drop me a message – I could do with the help – Gigi is a busy lady!!!

How do you power the site?
Its hosted at thefancarpet.com and runs on WordPress and Coppermine platforms.

What’s your favorite Gigi project?
I love her short film Those Wrecked by Success by Sebastian Faena.