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Site Information

Name: Gigi-Hadid.Org
Opened: January 2015
By: Jess
URL: http://www.gigi-hadid.org

Who started this site?
Jessica, a girl from England. I live with my boyfriend and two cats in a small seaside town.

I actually first saw Gigi on TRHOOC when she appeared in a few episodes with her mom Yolanda (who I love!) I thought Gigi seemed such a down to earth, genuine young lady – who was extremely beautiful and when I watched the episode of her shooting for the Santa Barbra Magazine, I thought, yes, shes going to be huge! So since then I kept an eye on her publicity and eventually decided she, and her fans, deserve a fansite to follow her projects etc. I also love her style too, so its a way for me to (try to) keep fashionable… 🙂

How do you power the site?
Its hosted at thefancarpet.com and runs on WordPress and Coppermine platforms.

Current owner